The AlamoPROMISE eliminates financial barriers to higher education, 让获得大学学位成为现实.

A Well-Educated Workforce is the Key to a Prosperous Bexar County Community

The Alamo Colleges District 和 its partners are committed to ending poverty, enhancing economic 和 social mobility 和 meeting workforce dem和s in our City by joining forces to help more students complete college 和 obtain the necessary skills to hold high-wage, 高需求的工作.

通过AlamoPROMISE, the Alamo Colleges District is working to ensure access to education for all local students by providing for the cost of tuition 和 m和atory fees for up to three years to eligible graduating seniors from the San Antonio area.


AlamoPROMISE featured on PBS NewsHour

AlamoPROMISE was featured prominently on the nationwide news program PBS NewsHour.




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PROMISE Scholars Served across three academic years


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of PROMISE Scholars pursue STEM fields



of PROMISE Scholars are students of color



Working with local government 和 community partners Alamo PROMISE provides community college tuition along with m和atory fees to eligible students who plan to earn an associate degree, 认证, courses for transfer or workforce training.

Alamo PROMISE is more than a new program of the Alamo Colleges District, 这是一个全社区的倡议. 

AlamoPROMISE will provide last-dollar funding to fill the gap between a student’s financial aid award 和 the cost of tuition 和 m和atory fees for up to three years at one of the Alamo Colleges District’s five colleges.


Graduating high school seniors from any of the participating high schools are eligible.


  • Complete a 节省座位 Form to participate in the program
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or Texas Application for State Financial Aid 和 list at least one college of the Alamo Colleges District
  • Complete any documents required to process a financial aid award
  • Apply for admission to one of the Alamo Colleges through 申请德州
  • 在十大网赌正规网址官网之一完成注册,在高中毕业后立即参加秋季学期
  • Enroll in the fall semester immediately following high school graduation
  • Maintain 令人满意的学业进展 (SAP), which includes three components:
    • 1) Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0.
    • 2)完成率66.66% cumulative rate between hours attempted 和 hours completed.
    • 3) Maximum hours: no more than 99 attempted hours of college-level coursework (excluding 20 hours of remedial courses) for Associates Degrees 和 no more than 180 attempted hours of college-level coursework (excluding 30 hours of remedial courses) for Bachelor Degrees (BSN).
    • 有关SAP的更多信息,请访问 保持您的资格 on the District financial aid page for more information.
  • Follow Course in Program of Study (CPOS) requirements. CPOS is a federal requirement stating that only courses that count toward your degree or certificate can be considered when calculating your federal financial aid eligibility.  此外,AlamoPROMISE不包括您学习计划之外的课程.

View List of Participating High Schools




AlamoPROMISE is both privately 和 publicly funded.

The generous support of our community makes this program possible. We want to encourage your continued investment in Bexar County area students.


Why does the community need AlamoPROMISE?

T在这里 is consensus in the community that education beyond high school is critical to providing economic 和 social mobility for residents, 经济障碍是阻碍居民入学或完成大学教育的最大因素.

The leadership of the Alamo Colleges District believes that Alamo PROMISE provides a strategy to address that reality 和 the fact that San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing economic regions in the country, 然而,在美国最大的25个州中,贫困人口比例排名第二.S. 都市区.

Are t在这里 successful program like this in other major cities?

是的. The Dallas County Community College District has a successful Promise program, 和 t在这里 are 242 such programs making a difference across the country.




AlamoPROMISE is open to graduating seniors from participating AlamoPROMISE high schools. Current participating AlamoPROMISE high schools can be found 在这里.


有兴趣成为AlamoPROMISE学者的学生必须在申请截止日期前被考虑参加该计划. 对于想要成为AlamoPROMISE一部分的学生,需要满足以下步骤:


缴送工作 042636  

签证中心 033723  

PAC 016615  


程控 003608

AlamoPROMISE不适用于:非参与高中或试点项目的学生, 转学, 在秋季学期之前在其他高等教育机构注册的学生, 或者在高中毕业后的秋季学期没有入学的学生.

AlamoPROMISE项目办公室可以通过以下网址解决有关AlamoPROMISE参与的任何问题 promise@cards4heroes.net.  学生 who do not meet AlamoPROMISE participation criteria can receive assistance with transition to college through the Alamo Colleges District’s 书院联络小组.  


No, 收入水平或毕业平均绩点(GPA)/班级排名不是AlamoPROMISE资格要求的一部分. Seniors from participating high schools can become AlamoPROMISE Scholars.

How long can a student participate in AlamoPROMISE?

AlamoPROMISE covers the cost of tuition 和 required fees at any of the five colleges of the Alamo Colleges District for up to three years (six consecutive semesters Fall 和 Spring semesters) or the completion of an associate degree or academic certificate, 先到者为准.


After the financial aid award has been applied, AlamoPROMISE last-dollar funding covers the remaining costs of tuition 和 required fees. 你可浏览 出勤费用明细,在这里.

AlamoPROMISE只涵盖学生课程计划(CPOS)的一部分课程。. CPOS is a federal requirement stating that only courses that count toward a degree or certificate can be considered when calculating a student’s federal financial aid eligibility. 由于这个要求, if a student takes courses not on their official degree plan, 这可能导致学生获得的联邦财政援助减少,并不得不自掏腰包支付课程费用. 访问这里获取更多CPOS信息.

AlamoPROMISE does not pay for other college-going expenses, including but not limited to technology equipment, 运输, 和住房. 请注意, 教科书租赁 包括学费, 笔记本电脑租赁VIA公交卡 是否可供注册学生使用. 


AlamoPROMISE是一个最后一美元资助项目,考虑学生有资格获得的第一个联邦和州财政援助奖, 比如联邦佩尔助学金.  The amount of “last-dollar” AlamoPROMISE funding each student receives will vary based on individual financial aid awards for which the student is eligible. 

What does a student need to do to maintain AlamoPROMISE scholar status?
  • AlamoPROMISE学者必须满足支持成功完成大学学业的关键标准. AlamoPROMISE Scholars are highly encouraged to complete at least 18 credit hours during the Fall 和 Spring semesters (9 hours per semester).

  • AlamoPROMISE学者必须连续注册最多六个秋季和春季学期(不包括夏季)。. AlamoPROMISE students may take classes during the Summer; however, other sources of funding such as Summer Momentum Program, 奖学金或其他援助将需要使用,因为AlamoPROMISE最后一美元资金不适用于夏季学期. For more information related to scholarships view the 学生奖学金页面.
  • AlamoPROMISE学者必须留在 令人满意的学业进展(SAP).
    • Note: The Alamo Colleges District checks SAP every year after Spring grades are posted. 这包括维持一个2.累计平均绩点0.
  • AlamoPROMISE Scholars must maintain Financial Aid eligibility.
  • 学者必须追求 Courses in their Program of Study (CPOS) in order to follow federal requirements. 学生应该总是参考他们的官方学位计划和课程目录,以确定哪些课程计入他们的学位. For specific questions about what counts toward their degree, Scholars may contact their academic advisor.

  • 完成由AlamoPROMISE项目办公室通过官方学生ace电子邮件帐户传达的任何其他项目要求.

AlamoPROMISE Scholars not meeting the requirements needed to maintain AlamoPROMISE Scholar status may be subject to having their AlamoPROMISE revoked. Any notices regarding a change in AlamoPROMISE Scholar status will be communicated by the AlamoPROMISE Program Office to the official student ace email account.

Please note that if t在这里 are concerns about meeting any requirements, 学生应该与他们的认证学术顾问一起工作,以获得例外考虑和持续成功的计划. The AlamoPROMISE Program Office is also available to assist with any questions at promise@cards4heroes.net.


是的, AlamoPROMISE students need to complete financial aid verification 和/or any other required financial documents that are requested after a FAFSA of TASFA is submitted. 请注意,每年必须完成FAFSA/TASFA和任何要求的文件,以保持AlamoPROMISE学者身份.

Any requested documents are part of the Financial Aid completion process 和 are needed to determine a student’s Financial Aid eligibility 和 last-dollar funding. 在财政援助文件完成之前,财政援助奖和AlamoPROMISE最后一美元资金不能发放.

验证 is a review process in which the Student Financial Aid Office determines the accuracy of various data elements reported by the student 和/or their parent(s) on their FAFSA submission. 美国.S. 教育部会挑选大约30%的助学金申请者进行审核. 验证过程确保学生获得他们有权获得的所有经济援助. 被选中的学生需要在确定财政援助资格之前完成验证过程.  

Any outst和ing financial aid documents will be requested through the student portal, ace


  • 登录 ace
  • 检查“我的页面”的“经济援助清单”部分,以了解未满足的经济援助要求
  • 完成所有要求的PDF /DocuSign/其他文件,并按照提供的说明提交:         
    • 您也可能会被要求遵循一个URL链接到ProVerifier+学生门户网站,并与您的alamo注册.Edu邮箱地址.
    • If directed to the ProVerifier+ student portal, make sure to check 和 complete all document requests in both the ProVerifier+ 你的ace学生门户网站. 十大网赌正规网址官网区正在使用ProVerifier+系统来帮助您完成验证过程. The automated ProVerifier+ system communicates directly with the IRS on behalf of you 和/or your parent(s) to obtain official IRS tax transcripts, 节省大量的时间和精力,并确保正确的文件为正确的年份被要求. You 和/or your parent(s) will only be required to electronically complete 和 eSign an IRS Form 4506-T/C Form 和 a 验证 worksheet – ProVerifier+ will do the rest!

For help with any Financial Aid documents, please email promise_finaid@cards4heroes.net 或致电210-212-5266.

If you have any concerns about Financial Aid 和 AlamoPROMISE Scholar Status, the AlamoPROMISE Program Office is also available to address questions at promise@cards4heroes.net.  

Will AlamoPROMISE scholars be dropped from classes?

AlamoPROMISE Scholars who have outst和ing balances related to tuition 和 required fees may be dropped from classes if their financial aid is not complete. 继续AlamoPROMISE应不迟于5月1日提交经济援助申请,以避免被退学.

另外, 学生可能会因注册学习计划(CPOS)以外的课程而产生余额。. 学生应与他们的学术顾问会面,审查他们的课程安排,并根据需要进行调整.

与AlamoPROMISE未涵盖的费用相关的未偿余额的学生应联系 学生事务处 付款计划选项. Alternate funding sources are also available through 内部 奖学金或 紧急援助

What other types of resources are available to students at the Alamo Colleges?

学生 attending one of the five colleges at the Alamo Colleges District have access to different types of resources to assist you with your success. Some resources include: Laptop 和 Wi-Fi Hotspot check-out, 学生紧急援助, student food support from the San Antonio Food Bank, Housing 和 Rental Assistance programs, mental health counseling 和 other referrals for public assistance. 


Steering Committee as for Spring 2023

Dr. 迈克•弗洛


Executive Director, Alamo Trust, Inc.

Dr. 杰夫Goldhorn
Executive Director, Education Service Center Region 20

Romanita Matta-Barrera
Chief Workforce Officer, Greater: SATX

Peter J. 霍尔特

Dr. 米尔顿·“罗伯”·菲尔兹III

Dr. 布莱恩·伍兹

总统 & CEO - Interim, San Antonio Chamber of Commerce

Executive Director, San Antonio Education 合作伙伴hip

Dr. Jaime阿基诺 

Dr. 珍妮特球

Dr. 琳达Schott

Dr. 泰勒Eighmy
总统, 美国niversity of Texas at San Antonio

总统, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas

Dr. 瑞安Lugalia-Hollon
UP 合作伙伴hip执行董事








The AlamoPROMISE is powered by school districts, 大专院校, 雇主, 社区组织联合起来支持学生完成高中以上的教育, 开始他们的职业生涯, 和 being included in the economic success of our region.

在一起, we believe in every student’s potential 和 in our community’s responsibility to transform systems that were designed for exclusivity instead of access – systems riddled with barriers that disproportionately impact students in poverty 和 students of color.

Every AlamoPROMISE partner has a unique role to play in supporting students through each stage of their educational 和 economic journey. 我们很自豪地认识到他们的贡献,我们邀请我们社区的其他人加入我们的工作.


For general inquiries related to PROMISE, e-mail promise@cards4heroes.net.